It all started when…

Let’s face it, we have our own style up here in Northwestern Ontario. We have our own style and we have our own lifestyle. Lake life, boreal forests, sunsets past eleven in the summer, fireflies, love of nature, awe-inspiring fall hikes, magical Northern Lights, hardened winter warriors, we have EARNED our bragging rights as Northerners!

Working with clients and trying to find beautiful decorative items to reflect the picturesque settings we live in was proving challenging. I wanted to combine my hometown pride with my love of interior decor to create stylish, high-quality products that instill that instant connection with home. The iconic tourist attractions in the debut throw pillow collection from Lockesley & Taylor offer an immediate bond to a cherished memory, unique to each and every customer. The image can transport you back to a special conversation with a beloved parent, a treasured family vacation, a personal best sporting achievement, a wistful look back at a school outing or a controversial debate on preserving historical building details! I am so grateful to be able to help keep those revered moments alive in the homes of every single one of my customers.